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Our Mission Statement


It is our endeavor to bring people into the kingdom of God, develop them into Christian maturity, while stirring up the gift within them for their ministry and their life purpose in this world, which will ultimately bring God glory. If you do not have a church that you call home we invite you to become a life changer!

Our 7 Bedrock Principles


1.    Commitment to Evangelism - Our number one goal is and will always be the salvation of the lost. While we specialize in attracting men and the unsaved and unchurched, and people who have made mistakes in their past and want a fresh start, we want to expand to reach people from other races, cultures, and socio-economic classes.


2.    Commitment to Discipleship - We will bring people into the Kingdom of God, develop them into Christian maturity, stirring up the gift within them for their ministry in the Church and life purpose in this world, in order to bring God glory.


3.    Commitment to Youth Empowerment - We will empower youth in our church and community with the Word of God, programs, resources training and state-of-the-art facilities to meet the needs of our youth.


4.    Commitment to Economic Empowerment - We will empower men and women by changing what might be wrong thinking, into right thinking as it relates to economics, with the word of God, resource training, business development and seminars.


5.    Commitment to Fellowship - We will as a local Church family engage and promote group activities and events outside a standard church setting. Outreach campaigns, crusades, business development, citywide events, and intercession for the city, partnership with local schools, partnership with community and city officials, etc.


6.    Commitment to live a life of Integrity - We will live a life of Integrity and be the model ministry in our city and in the nation. We will always strive to be excellent in our customer service-how we treat our members, visitors, and guests from the moment they pull into our parking lot when they leave our services and when they call, email, or write with requests or concerns. We will be the standard for excellence in how we do people.


7.    Commitment to Worship -We will worship our God in spirit and in truth. We will stay humble and maintain the spirit of love and realness that we've had since day one at all times and give all credit and glory to God for any and all success. We will be obedient to the word of God as we create an atmosphere of Worship in our local service.

Our Bedrock Scripture 


Romans 12:2

New King James Version (NKJV)


And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

 Our Provenance

Our Children
Pastor and First Lady Sheila have been married for 20 years. Together they have three children, who assist them diligently in the ministry, Jamaal Gardner, Eryka Gardner and Naramin Holloway.



Pastor Rodger E. Gardner received Jesus Christ in 1993 and was called by God into the ministry in 1994. He has served faithfully throughout the years in the areas of Sunday School Teacher, Pastoral Council Chairman, Young Men of Valor President, New Member Coordinator, Church Deacon, Trustee Board Member, Youth Pastor and Assistant Pastor. He has served as Treasurer on the district level and currently serves on the Jurisdictional Executive Board as Administrative Assistant, as well as the Jurisdictional Treasurer.

Lady Sheila has a true servant’s heart, leading with humility and compassion. She is the founder of the “I’m Worth It” nonprofit organization, based on mentoring young women to know their true value and worth. She has held a missionary license since 2006. She has served diligently in the areas of Sunshine Band President, Vacation Bible School Director, Jurisdictional Executive Board Member, Jurisdictional Inaugural Ticket Sales Director, Jurisdictional Liturgical Dance Director, YPWW Southwest Regional Rally Workshop Coordinator, Jurisdictional YWE President, Jurisdictional YPWW Chairlady. Also, she was named the first female Jurisdictional YPWW President and currently serves as the YWCC Jurisdictional President, while overseeing all programs offered by the Portals To Glory Women’s Ministry and Youth Department in excellence.


The Divine Journey


Pastor Gardner founded Life Changers Worship Center (LCWC) in March 2011, with a love for God, a passion for humanity and The Word of God.

After launching the church, it did not take long to witness God’s approval on the ministry. Pastor and First Lady Gardner hosted Bible Study in their home with approximately 20 dedicated family members and friends for two months. He began to search for a place to worship. He settled on what he thought would be their first place of worship in the cafeteria area at Rancho High School. But, within 24 hours of that decision, they were made aware that the Berean Christian Fellowship, located at 3925 Martin Luther King Blvd., North Las Vegas 89032, was available to co-share, so this became their first place of worship. The Berean Church leadership decided to relocate to another state during LCWC’s short stay of just over a year. That allowed LCWC an opportunity to purchase over $100,000 of practically new church furniture and equipment for only $3,800! LCWC experienced significant growth in membership while there, but again found themselves searching for another place to worship. How God would take them to their next location was just short of being miraculous. The new location virtually provided the same amenities that were enjoyed while at Berean Church for only $275 monthly, which included utilities. They would be there for less than a year, but God financially blessed the ministry while they were there.

The Training Ground
LCWC relocated to 2550 Duneville St., Las Vegas 89146; a place that was cherished and called home for the next eight years. This location would become the training ground. God would establish the ministry through those eight years. Ministries were launched there to bless the city, such as the, I’m Worth It Girl’s Conference, the annual Harvest Prayer Breakfast and The Kingdom Living radio broadcast, just to name a few. Pastor and First Lady Gardner would become leaders in their district and jurisdiction where they served. There is where God would train, test, develop and prove.
Full Circle
God placed a yearning in the heart of Pastor Gardner, which he shared with the congregation on numerous occasions towards the latter years at LCWC. He shared with them that he believed God was going to relocate them back to the Westside. It happened! On July 18, 2021, Pastor Gardner was installed as Senior Pastor of Portals to Glory Church of God in Christ. The two ministries became one. Not only did God bring Pastor Gardner and the LCWC family full-circle back to the very same zip code (89032), where the first worship service was held in 2011 at Berean Christian Fellowship. But God also brought Pastor Gardner back home to the same neighborhood where he grew up. Who could have imagined this ten years ago?
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